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SINCE 1971…

South Eastern Timber Corp. has been manufacturing new solid oak crane mats at our sawmill in Lady Lake FL 32159

The mats can be used for crane mats, barge mats, heavy equipment mats, excavator mats, dragline mats, utility mats, hardwood timber mats.

All mats are built with quality solid oak timbers, square edge and sound grade. The timbers are bolted together with steel rods, countersunk.

Customers have a choice of lifting options, either the lifting cables or exposed bolt (slotted). Please see photos for examples.

The ends of the mats are coated with anchor seal to prevent dry rot & splitting.

Mats are built to order, so they are brand new when you get them.

We also supply oak blocks, oak cribbing and oak trailer bed decking cut to your custom size.

Because we are sawmill, we can customize your hardwood needs.

Delivery available in or out of state, or you can send your truck to Lake Lake FL for pick up.

As one of the oldest crane mat manufacturers, we are proud of our many years of supplying oak mats to some of the largest bridge jobs, highway projects, barge work and excavation projects all over the country.

Please call us, we will answer your call promptly, or fill out the inquiry form for a fast quotation.


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